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Our first step in every fire protection project is a detailed risk analysis for the facility. This allows us to identify the most effective solution for the protection of lives and properties. In designing our Life Safety Systems, we use BIM (Building Information Modeling), as it allows us to visualize the solution before it is implemented. Our solutions are designed to meet all governmental regulations, insurance requirements and any other governing bodies. So, whatever your needs, we will provide the right solution.

Design & Engineering

Hirz International is proud to own a technologically advanced, state-of- the-art engineering studio. Our design team is composed of tech-savvy experts who strive to deliver design solutions that match international fire safety standards. We are capable of meeting the standards of both international regulatory bodies like NFPA or FM Global, and local authorities like the Civil Defense.
We have a thorough design process which takes into consideration code compliance, fire safety goals, project-specific requirements, design practicality, and performance assessment. Right at the onset of every project, we plan every step thoroughly: including the conceptual design, detailed engineering, on-site work, and acceptance.


Our installation process goes above and beyond the simply adequate. We seek to adopt innovative installation techniques that keep up to pace with every technological advancement. Coordination between projects allows us to complete our work quickly and effectively. Our on-site supervisors make sure that the installation process goes smoothly and according to schedule, and maintains a high standard of quality.
Hirz International’s team is comprised of highly-skilled technicians trained by the system manufacturers’ themselves to use high pressure piping tools. Precise installation makes our systems efficient and ensures that they are up to the task of protecting lives and property.


It is equally important to keep the systems fit once installed. Hirz International does it all right from the beginning. Our maintenance Team schedules each and every visit to inspect each and every component of the system to make sure performance is not compromised in any manner. Mainte- nance team creates a log for entire system and verify all the devices are in ‘Originally Intended Position’ and always ready to protect life and property. Our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art trouble shooting equipment all the time to bring back the disarmed systems to action in minimum possible time. Specially trained to quickly identify issues, our service experts are intact with the knowledge and expertise to rapidly respond with the best solution based on the specific


As a building evolves, so do its fire protection. Our expert retrofitting team is always prepared to handle fire protection retrofitting projects. They deliver safe, code-satisfying solutions that keep alterations to a minimum. The retrofitting process begins with a thorough evaluation of the facility’s fire protection needs under current fire codes, insurance equipments, and owner specifications. Then, we work on generating appropriate solutions to increase the level of protection, either through the whole facility, or in specific areas. Our goal is to do our work efficiently and safely without disrupting yours. Our project managers plan our work so that we can install they systems while allowing your business to continue operating with as little interruption as possible.